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Ryan Alvarado and James Fraser forged Gemanon mid-2011. Their initial goal was to find individuals both talented and ambitious to complete their lineup. Deciding to let their newly composed music find the right musicians rather than vice versa, Jesus Sahagun and Austin Gruhn soon joined the ranks of Gemanon.

With a music and career goals set, the four musicians strive to forge truly original music and help grow the metal genre. Gemanon's strong chemistry allows them to execute stunning performances live and in the studio. Gemanon's catchy melodies, complex rhythm, memorable lyrics, and tight productions are loved by many, but they will not settle until the world hears their unforgettable songs. [Learn More…]
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Gemanon loves putting on a good performance. Visit our events page to find out how to experience Gemanon.


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Earthrift EP
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We've got lots of entertaining videos ranging from guitar solo playthroughs to show announcements. All of them are entertaining, so check them out!