Watch Gvmänuun's Kvlt uv Sentience Music Video on YouTube

America's finest black metal.

Cha d’fhuaireadh am facal Beurla “Gvmänuun, known world wide for it’s awesome true cult nature, has once again out-done itself with their new masterpiece, KVLT UV SENTIENCE. Experts unanimously agree that this is Gvmänuun’s finest work. “Literally there is nothing that compares to the tonal quality and compositional talent of these guys. True kvlt skill.

Many ask what this song is about. The trve Gedi’s have hinted at the song being about goat sacrifices, demonic hair accessories, and even some casual mention of politics. Want Kvlt uv Sentience in your mvsic liibrary? Tis nuw avaiilabvle!”